Construction of 12000 Residential Units across Mauritius.

Bid No. Date Issued Procurement Reference Description Category Closing Date Download Bid Notices
14 24-Sep-22 NSLD-Z5-LOT4 Construction of 112 Residential units at Surinam Works 14-Nov-22
13 24-Sep-22 NSLD-Z8-LOT2 Construction of 296 Residential at Réunion Maurel Works 14-Nov-22
12 16-Sep-22 NSLD-Z6-LOT2 Construction of 360 Residential Units at Côte d'Or Works 04-Nov-22
11 16-Sep-22 NSLD-Z7-LOT3 Construction of 600 Residential Units at Henrietta I, II & III Works 04-Nov-22
10 12-Sep-22 NSLD-Z3-LOT2 Construction of 336 Residential Units at Espérance Trébuchet Works 31-Oct-22
9 12-Sep-22 NSLD-Z5-LOT3 Construction of 96 Residential Units at Britannia Works 17-Oct-22
8 26-Aug-22 NSLD-Z7-LOT2 Construction of 240 Residential Units at Beaux Songes Works 14-Oct-22
7 26-Aug-22 NSLD-Z6-LOT1 Construction of 520 Residential Units at Hermitage Works 14-Oct-22
6 19-Aug-22 NSLD-Z7-LOT1 Construction of 140 Residential Units at Bambous Works 22-Sep-22
5 19-Aug-22 NSLD-Z5-LOT2 Construction of 504 Residential Units at Tyack and Souillac Works 07-Oct-22
4 19-Aug-22 NSLD-Z8-LOT1 Construction of 600 Residential Units at Notre Dame Works 07-Oct-22
3 12-Aug-22 NSLD-Z2- LOT1 Construction of 902 Residential Units at Coromandel Works 11-Oct-22
2 12-Aug-22 NSLD-Z3-LOT1 Construction of 128 Residential Units at La Clemence Works 16-Sep-22
1 12-Aug-22 NSLD-Z5-LOT1 Construction of 712 Residential Units at La Rosa, Mare D'Albert and Grand Bel-Air Works 30-Sep-22