New Social Living Development

To create affordable residential units and build communities in an eco-friendly environment.


The New Social Living Development Ltd (NSLD), a subsidiary of the National Housing Development Co. Ltd (NHDC), is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) incorporated as a private company, with the mandate to build 12,000 residential units.

Our Value Proposition

The NSLD Brand aims to deliver value to the following stakeholders:

Government of Mauritius: To implement the Government’s Vision of social housing by building 12,000 residential units.

Professional Partners and Civil Society: To engage with professional partners in the local and international construction industry, and key players in the civil society in co-creating the new social living landscape.

Home Owners: To provide client-centric, affordable and accessible housing solutions, and inclusive community living in an eco-friendly environment.

Management Team

Group CEO (GCEO) : Mr. Jairaj Sonoo, C.S.K

Board of Directors

  • Abdool Rahman Mohammad Ehsan Ahmad, O.S.K (Chairman)
  • Ayoob Saab Mohummad Shamad
  • Dowlutrao Jossy Shivjee
  • Maurel Louis André Daniel Raoul
  • Seetaram Mooneeswur Seegobind Maha Rana
  • Sonoo Jairaj, C.S.K
  • Soopramanien Louis François Noël Dominique
  • Bonomaully Ishwarlall
  • Preeyadarshanee Dassaye

Our Vision

To enhance access to social housing and build inclusive communities.

Our Mission

To build 12,000 affordable residential units and provide community living solutions in an
eco-friendly environment.


No Vacancy available at the moment.

New Social Living Development Ltd

Level 1, Tower 1,
Rue Du Savoir,
Cybercity, EBÈNE

TEL: 468-7020